25 thoughts on “Never Say No to Panda – OFFICE اعلان باندا اعلانات بانده

  1. @PandaChan80 I know, they will outconquer us at one point in a near future! And then we will live in fear! Becaus “panda-gestapo” may see us turn down there cheese and then its off to Guantanamo!!!

  2. @MrAkilleus i hate you if you do that. I mean look at that face. LOOK AT IT. You can see world domination in it!! And that is so awesome :’D

    -knock knock -
    mom- get that
    me-ugh fine
    me-* opens door*
    ( just you know why )
    panda- * breaks my computer *
    me- * stares *
    panda- *walks away*
    mom – who was it ?
    me – nothing mom , just a friend
    mom- ok
    me- * walks to my room sadly *

  4. I like the panda, it really does the right thing in the situation. This is to you my hero(panda) I would do the same thing xD <3

  5. panda face looks retarded like looking at the guy saying “bitch wtf did u just say!?”
    *throws everything on floors*
    *takes keyboard smash it on he desk*
    the mans thinking fucking bitch
    wtf is wrong with this panda

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