25 thoughts on “Funny Videos/ Creative Ads Collection Part 7

  1. then why do two thirds of all humans have a intolerance for lactosE? milk from cows is made for cows not for humans^^ the only milk we should drink is humans milk.. that sounds strange but its true

  2. Like Rabbit (I think it is). Rabbit takes more energy to digest than it puts in you. And if you only eat Rabbit. You will loose weight.

  3. Your an idiot. Would you please show me where I can look this information up? Because i have learned from Doctors and health specialists. And I have never heard of such a thing. Ever. And to tell you the truth Milk in itself is okay. But not for Humans. Humans do not need milk. We drink it because it tastes good and has Vitamin D and Calcium. Milk actually takes from your body.

  4. It’s true, however sources of calcium (which we most definately need) are not as concentrated in other sources.

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