Funny, Stupid, and Banned Commercials part 8

Hilarious commercials! Some are foreign, some are banned, all are extremely funny. Stay tuned for part 9, which will be even more outrageous. Football (Futbol Uno) Lingerie Airwaves Active Mobile Phone Axe Chocolate dipped Altoids Skittles Lynx…among many other things!

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25 thoughts on “Funny, Stupid, and Banned Commercials part 8

  1. skittle commerical.. made me laugh but also
    never eat skittles again o.o the lynx commerical was very wtf … effecting… douching wth? XD

  2. Hey is it me or the woman on the second commercial looks like the woman who plats agatha cristie on doctor who?

  3. to have a blowhole in the back of one’s head spewing chocolate liquid is really fucking disturbing.

  4. does anyone know the name of the song in the Lynx commercial? its my fav out of these and i liked the song

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