25 thoughts on “funny new zealand ad

  1. All the hate :( Come on people. I’m Aussie and I love New Zealand. We’re both awesome, have accents which are perceived as both weird yet sexy :D Oh and we have a love-hate relationship with each other in sport ;)

    On topic: LOL AWESOME AD :D

  2. @mwdarbyshire yeah it really is NZ original… despite the original idea and video coming from Iceland. Come on New Zealand, pick on someone bigger than yourself for once, its not like we pick on you? Hail to your bigger brother, Australia :)

  3. Wow there is a lot of hate in these comments! Why Is New Zealand and Australia always compared with one another? Both countries are amazing and I still can’t believe we fight over which one is better. If anything I think the two countries should stand together because we are both the lands down under and should stand proud to the rest of the world. I am a Australian and my best friend is Kiwi so if we can get along then why can’t you lot?

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