25 thoughts on “Funny indian commercials

  1. @afgcutii01 ….. Seriously India never does anything to Pakistan. Pakistan bombs the crap outta India every day. We just hate that America is allies with terrorists.

  2. @chiragatronacious
    Ever since Pakistan and´╗┐ India separated a while ago, you guys have been against each other. You both speak basically the same language..you both basically look the same..so it wouldn’t hurt to treat each other with respect either. Now don’t go swearing at me because I’m neither Pakistani or Indian

  3. Wow are all indians this ignorant? I mean I’m indian too, but I fail to see what some fucking commercials have to do with Islam and Hinduism. Put aside your fucking ignorance and learn how to accept people for who they are, not by what they believe.

  4. @afgcutii01 Actually we dont even speak the same language within India.. I cant speak hindi but i speak malayalam, kannada and tamil :D Your info is slightly off :P But im totally with u.. There are many of us who dont really want this pointless enimity prolonged.. Unfortunately still the minority.

  5. @butring well um… not all indian women are beautiful, ive seen a lot of ugly ones, no offense i’m white and ive seen a lot of ugly whites bitches. im just sayin

  6. @saxenalibra6 wow, who woulda thought there were still good samaritans left? thank youuu! this def brought some good memories. :)

  7. @leon6266 oh yah you crackers make porn films for a living, no not just that, you a;; do!

    Now i didnt mean that and you shouldnt have meant what you just said you slut

  8. i used to hear indian woman r so beautiful when i was a kid. but i grew and wen to london. I now understad what is beauty.

  9. funny -cough cough-!!!! n i love pakies yar. THEY R JUST LIKE US (Indians)
    But really funny. n the one about changeee!!! :D

  10. @afgcutii01
    exactly u dont know the shit that happens there so keep ur fucking mouth shut

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