Funny Commercials

Part 1 of my funny commercial series. Every episode will contain 10 funny TV commercials of various subjects. Part 1: The AA Anti-Cocain Ad Nokia Dentyne Frost Bytes Citi Credit John West Ikea Anti-Smoking Ad Lapeyre DeWALT
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 thoughts on “Funny Commercials

  1. “Are you ready for the first portion of my act?! I’m in a box! … Oh my goodness! The box is so small! Oooh! I didn’t even think there’s a lid to the box! I always hate the box. Congratulations to me! That was a small box! … By the way, I’m a mime!!! I’ve given you entertainment, give me money! I accept change! I accept bills!”

  2. not a Commercial idiot… this is real watch it on fail blog and lots of other thing trust me its not a Commercial

  3. what cant all commercials be this funny?! they would still be annoying as hell but at last we would got a laugh out of it!!

  4. LOOK IT’S BOB and he’s back!
    ☻/ This is bob, copy & paste him on
    /▌ every comment you see so he can

  5. el anuncio contra la cocaina no es ni cierto ni DECENTE, el govierno de colombia NUNca haria una propaganda asi! i mucho menos lo ppondria en ingles.!

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