Funny Ads – Fanta in Japan

A series of super-fast, hyperkinetic, yet surprisingly comprehensible and funny Japanese ads for various flavours of Fanta soda pop.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 thoughts on “Funny Ads – Fanta in Japan

  1. Dj Sensei; *wicki wicki* ”Nex-nex-next question is for Yama-Yama-Yamashita-san”
    Yamashita-san; ”3x.”
    *wicki wicki wicki wicki wick-ee wi-wi-wi-wi-wick-wick-wick-ee-ee-ee-ee Wicki wock.
    Genius. Just genius.

  2. lol,I love those,although I went to japan and the only fanta I saw was fanta:white!

    …*thinks of the teacher for fanta white*

  3. I just gonna stay with the fact that Japan is going to brainwash us all. With there pedo dog chips and there infinite flavouring fanta.

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