Funny ads compilation [5 of 8]

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25 thoughts on “Funny ads compilation [5 of 8]

  1. @DjulBars All this people are French prime minister and Aida is temporary job agency, so is like all this people are choosing Aida to get their temporary jop as prime minister
    I Think ..

  2. The first danish commercial in the compilations and it’s the BRF kredit one, now that is just sad..We have many commercials that are way more funny and this one was picked? I don’t get it!

  3. “What have you learned on Earth?”…..Whaaaatzzzzzuuuppp!!!! LOL….SO HILARIOUS…anyway im a non-drinker but ads is best..

  4. Please, can anybody tell me what it taste like? The stores around here don’t sell it. If they were sold here, I would buy it just to taste it.

  5. @DjulBars It’s an ad for a temporary/part-time work placement agency… The politicians named in the ad (from France) didn’t last long and presumably made use of the agency to get a new job…

    Something like that; I’m not up on my French politics..

  6. the funniest thing about the wazzzzzzup is that me and my friends do that as well, and this is the first time i’ve seen these ads lol

  7. LOL Flash Transport,so your thing are being transported by a butt :| or a bigger butt!That’s not cool! :|

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